The Difficult Second Album 

Last August I was to record my second album with Gavin Ralston. He had very detailed plans for how to approach the tracks (all old songs and some written when I was nineteen or twenty). Gavin was a very upbeat guy and had an exciting vision for the songs and I couldn't wait to start but sadly he had a battle on his hands that he wasn't to win. Since then I've been working with Bassman Tony Molloy who will now produce it. We've just finished the first track which will be released in a few weeks time followed by the album before the summer. I can't wait to put these songs out there as they've been a part of me for a long time and nothing weighs you down like unfinished business

'Long long time ago'...when I didn't know shit about shit


Goodbye Old Friend  

The last time I spoke to Fulvio I told him I was determined to finish the project we had worked on many years ago but never finished. We had written and recorded 7 songs over 10 days in Rome, with great musicians, before the money ran out and we had to give up on it. It was a tough time. Fulvio and his friend, Tatiana Grillo, funded the recording as well as my flight costs and it was a huge effort and expense for them both. We tried to find a record label who would finish and release it but couldn't. Later, when I got home I wrote another 2 songs that sadly he never got to hear and now never will. I always thought the songs, some of them co-written with the band, are good songs and just need a tweak here and there. I'm now more determined than ever to finish the job that meant so much to Fulvio and make the music available for download.