Goodbye Old Friend 

The last time I spoke to Fulvio I told him I was determined to finish the project we had worked on many years ago but never finished. We had written and recorded 7 songs over 10 days in Rome, with great musicians, before the money ran out and we had to give up on it. It was a tough time. Fulvio and his friend, Tatiana Grillo, funded the recording as well as my flight costs and it was a huge effort and expense for them both. We tried to find a record label who would finish and release it but couldn't. Later, when I got home I wrote another 2 songs that sadly he never got to hear and now never will. I always thought the songs, some of them co-written with the band, are good songs and just need a tweak here and there. I'm now more determined than ever to finish the job that meant so much to Fulvio and make the music available for download. 

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